0 - Installation

Download the binary

Gaia Worker is embedded into the normal Gaia binary file. Therefore, the first step is to copy the Gaia binary file to your remote worker host or pull the Gaia docker image from docker hub.

Configure the worker

Before we can start the worker, we need to configure it. Since Gaia Worker uses the configuration loading mechanism like Gaia, you have a few options to provide the needed configuration.

Configuration file

Provide configuration via a configuration file. Create a new file called .gaia_config in the same folder where the Gaia binary is located with the following example configuration:


Environment variables

You have the possibility to provide configuration via environment variables. See the example configuration below:

export GAIA_HOST_URL=http://localhost:8080
export GAIA_MODE=worker
export GAIA_WORKER_NAME=my-worker
export GAIA_WORKER_GRPC_HOST_URL=localhost:8989
export GAIA_WORKER_TAGS="tag1,tag2,-python"
export GAIA_WORKER_SECRET=55d79ff1-37b9-595d-a973-65d50e95db85

Starting the worker

As soon as the worker configuration is finished, we are able to start the worker. It should only take a few seconds until the worker is visible in the primary instance’s UI. If not, please have a look at the worker output logs.