Gaia is currently alpha! Do not use it for mission critical jobs yet!

Gaia Documentation

Get started with Gaia

New to Gaia? Don’t worry, this guide will catch you up and will show you how to install it, develop your first pipeline and view the results in the detailed overview.
This will take less than 10 minutes. Get started with Gaia

Develop Pipelines

You need more information on how to develop pipelines in the programming language you prefer?
Have a look at our Develop Pipelines section.


Find useful tutorials where Gaia really shows off and has it strength. Not really sure how to use Gaia right?
You need more information how a setup could look like? Then have a look at this section. Tutorials


List of RFCs which describe the mechanics of Gaia. Tutorials


Find useful information about how to operate Gaia and Gaia Worker. Operations


Find information about the Gaia API, swagger docs and general information on how to use Gaia without a frontend. API

Want to contribute?

Gaia can only evolve and become a great product with the help of contributors.
If you like to contribute, please follow this section. Contributing Guide